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Friends of the Adams Memorial Library

The Friends of the Library is an integral part of the Cannon County Library System. Through the
Annual and Ongoing Book Sales and the Annual Roast they have raised money to help buy needed
supplies for the library and library staff, pay bills that provide services for the public, and lend a
willing hand when needed. Through the Friends when volunteers are needed at the library—it is a
call away. This library is great, in large part, due to the Friends of the Library.

Thank you, Friends of the Library!                   
Marsha Petty, Library Director                       
Friends of Adams Memorial Library is a group of interested volunteers who are willing to
work long and hard hours to make your local library even better! Now we are asking you to
join others who want only the best for our county and its people. To learn how you too, can
become a part of Friends, inquire at the library.
Charlie Harrell, President