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ADVICE, HEALTH & CONSELING WEBSITES - A national website to help the familes and friends of alcholics. - A place to check where you are with drugs and alcohol. - "Teen health, teen advice." Articles and information to help you achieve and maintain a high level of health, fitness, and well-being. - Dealing with Bullying for Children and Young Adult. - Fitness, nutrition, emotions, relationships, and more. - A health question and answer Internet service provided by Coumbia University's Health Promotion Program. - Advice, tips, health info, and fun stuff just for guys.

Looking for your next favorite book? Check out these sites for some suggestions: -oh so many lists of great books! Horror, Fantasy, Romance, and many more. - Just what it sounds like. Books for guys of all ages. - Love Comics? Love Manga? NYC Librarian Robin Brenner's website will keep you up to date on the latest titles and direct you to some classics. - Out of the ordinary teen book lists! Categories like Slacker Fiction, Teen Tearjekers, or Historical Fiction for teens, there's sure to be something for you. The site offers VOA's popular articles, with language exercises that include videos, vocabulary and listening practice, conversations with a native English speaker, and more. Especially good for English learners.