Inclement Weather policy

Bad weather occasionally forces the library board to close the library. The primary reason for closing the library are road conditions. For example, if the roads are icy, we will probably be closed. The board does not want people to risk their lives and the lives of others to return items to the library.

If schools have a delayed opening because of road conditions, then the library will also have a delayed opening. We want everyone to be safe.

Closure announcements will be made on the Facebook page, local radio station WBRY, and/or our website, when possible. Also, if no one answers the phone during regular business hours that would mean we were not able to make it in.

When the library is closed due to bad weather or unforseen circumstances, due dates will be automatically extended until the roads clear. If you need additional time, please let us know so that we may accommodate you. Fines are not charged for days that the libraries are closed.